How To Give A Sensual Massage That Your Partner Will Never Forget

Massages can relax the body and create pleasurable sensations. With the right hands and techniques, you can create a night that he or she will constantly crave.

The Essential Ingredients

Set the mood by changing the ambiance around you to a more relaxing and sensual space. Notice the dim and candle lighting on spas and massage rooms? These elements create a more relaxing space, and can even be transformed into a romantic one in your favor. Dim the lights and add relaxing scents with scented candles. Try vanilla, lavender or jasmine. Reminder on candle safety: never leave the candles unattended or around fire hazard materials.

Music can also change the mood. Play some relaxing music like exotic instrumental tracks and love songs. Apart from that, you can use massage oils. Try camellia, macadamia nut and rosehip seed massage oil. Lay down a large towel on the bed to avoid oil stains on your sheets. Also, make sure that the room temperature is at comfortable level.

Sensual Massage Techniques

You don’t have to be a professional or certified to get the sensual and romantic mood that you want to achieve. But if you want to really learn proper full body techniques that can impress your partner, try Shiatsu, Esalen and Tantric massage classes.

First, understand that both women and men have pressure points in the body that can release muscle tensions. When done properly, it can relax the whole body. And we all know that when were relaxed, the body can achieve multiple orgasms.

Sensual massage can be an appetizer and can play an important part of foreplay. You can start with a head massage. This doesn’t need any oil and can be perfect when you need to have your partner relax from all the stress and office talk. Start by rubbing the forehead and temples with your fingers or thumb. Next run your fingers move onto the head and scalp area with small downward strokes.

After that, lather some good amount of scented oil on your hands and start with short circular hand movements on the shoulder area. For the back, start with the top shoulder and move downwards. Don’t rush from moving to one area to another; spend 3 to 5 minutes on gentle strokes. Keep your fingers together and thumbs parallel when stroking muscles areas. Compression and kneading technique can also loosen tense muscles and increase blood flow. You can do this by pressing with your thumb or your whole hand.

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