A London Escort Feeling For Some Sensuality

This time of the year the weather is pretty cold here in London, and a lot of gents visit us for a sensual warming winter massage. Yesterday, I was really busy giving massages all day, and I am sure that is going to continue here at London escorts until the weather warms up a bit. I don’t mind at all, and most London escort are really into sensual massages. The truth is that quite often it keeps us warm as well, and I am sure that we appreciate warm massages just as much as the gents do who visit us.

During the winter months, I use different oils when I give massages here at London escort. In the summer time I use a lot of lighter oils, and in the autumn I start to move towards some of the heavier oils. At the moment, I focus on using a lot of ginger based oils as I know that many of them can be really warming. As a matter of fact, a lot of the other London escorts like to come around to my place for some warming massages during the coldest months of the year.

It is kind of funny, but I sort of know which gents would appreciate a warming massage as soon as they walk in through my door here at London escorts. They are not exactly turning blue, but they do look cold. Most of the time it tends to be business travelers from sunnier climates who appreciate a special warming winter massage when they visit me here at my London escorts boudoir. I know how they feel. Being from Brazil myself I do feel the cold here in the British winter, and I think that February is often the worst month for me.

I have been here for five years now, and I know the best tools for the perfect sensual London escort massage is using the best oils. Some of the girls that I work with at London escorts use inferior oils, but I always invest in the best oils. Another nice oil to work with is Jojoba. It can really warm you up, and if a gent has a touch of arthritis, I know that he really appreciates a massage with my special Jojoba blend. It is very relaxing, and it sort of warms you up from the inside out. That is the best way to describe the treatment.

My favorite service here at London escorts is actually massages and I do a lot of them. As I am rather a tall girl, I can put of weight behind them as well. Most of the gents who enjoy my massages come and see me on a regular basis, and sometimes I see them at least once a week. I know that massages are not really cheap but I do use all of the best ingredients. That is really the only way you can ensure that you are giving a good quality sensual massage, and that it does some good.

The Ultimate Erotic Massage

In which city around the world can you get the ultimate erotic massage? Could it be Tokyo, Singapore or Kingston in London?

There is a lot more to an erotic massage than meets the eye. An erotic massage should be a complete sensual experience for both mind and body. Escorts in Kingston are experts at erotic massage, and a lot of Kingston escorts do know how to deliver the perfect erotic massage with the sweetest of finishes.

Different types of massages are on most Kingston escorts menu cards, and Kingston escorts are now increasingly focusing on massage training. They know that many of their dates and visitors are stressed out business men who really appreciate a relaxing massage. Escorts in Kingston say that given a relaxing erotic massage can be a very satisfying experience.

It can help someone to really decompress and chill out when they have experienced a stressful day. A good quality massage can help to lower someone’s blood pressure, slow down their heart rate and by the end of the massage they will feel like a new person.

The Art of the Massage

The value of massage has long been appreciated by health professionals, and there are many different types of massages that you can enjoy. Swedish and Japanese massages are deep tissue massages that many Kingston escorts use to deal with very stressed dates. Erotic massages are sensual massages that will stimulate the mind as well as the body.

There are some tricks to delivering a good quality erotic massage, and you may have use different techniques to achieve the best and sweetest finish. A lot of masseuses use tools but the best tools are the ones that you already have.

Erotic Neck Massage

The neck is a delicate area, and a lot of stress can be held here by a person. We sit in front of computers, and spend long hours on airplanes, this can all lead to tension in the neck area.

A good way to massage a neck as part of an erotic massage is to place the person’s neck in between your breasts. Apply a liberal amount of massage oil to your hands, and start to massage his lower back, slowly walking your way up his spine. Let your hands drift on to his shoulders, and firmly massage his shoulders and neck.

Work your way down his front, letting your hands stroke his entire stomach and lower pelvic area until you feel the person completely relax.

The Toe Tickle

If you have very flexible feet you can try this one on dates.

Sit at the bottom of your date’s feet, and gently spread his legs. Apply some baby oil to your feet and toes, and curl your toes up. Gently start to massage his legs using a curling and uncurling motion with your toes until your reach his pelvic area.

Your can now sit astride your date, and finish the massage by relaxing his stomach and lower area. This is a take on a Japanese form of massage which has long been practiced by Japanese geishas.

Of course, there are other ways to deliver an erotic massage, but making the most of the tools that your body has, normally makes for a very sweet and satisfying finish.