Silky Tantric Massage

How to get a Silky Tantric Massage? tel 07506912002. A full body sensually inviting massage to reach special heights of extra ordinary enhanced pleasures which give liberation and freedom to the senses. What does it mean? Tantra awakes our inner hidden desires to achieve a far reaching part of ourselves which lies hidden. It actually

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Tantric masseuses

Welcome to our special tantric masseuses training!  We also teach tantric to people from all round the globe, includes our specialist training, from years of experience, our teacher has been a very active tantric teacher for over 20 years, well travelled and has covered many different type of massage therapies, from swedish, deep tissue, macrobiotics […]

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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage, -what does it mean?  The true meaning of the word Tantric is  prolonged pleasure, it comes from the sanskrit word, its about sensual pleasure, but in a divine way, expansion and creativity, ying and yang, the male and female energies working together, in harmony, and complimenting each other, working in union. Here in […]

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