Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage, -what does it mean?  The true meaning of the word Tantric is  prolonged pleasure, it comes from the sanskrit word, its about sensual pleasure, but in a divine way, expansion and creativity, ying and yang, the male and female energies working together, in harmony, and complimenting each other, working in union.

Here in the west it has become more popular in the recent last 20 years, and its still going round the globe.  Tantric isnt just about sex, but a spiritual and enlightening experience, which gives many benefits to both men and women.

Here at Silky Tantric Massage, we understand behind the phenomena, that has many layers that people are still discovering its many tremendous healing benefits on many different levels.

Its not about getting into all the sex positions! – but our creative source where we can create, harmony, love,  wisdom, creative pleasure, emotional satisfaction,  boundaries can dissolve, tensions removed, how to become a more considerate lover, especially in your relationships.  This is just a tip of the iceberg !

Each person can benefit from Tantra in so many different ways, if we only knew how. Our sessions are designed to give you the opening to discovering more about yourself in a creative way, which can give you transformative exploration of your self.     In Tibetan Tantra, we align and balance the chakras, these are energy points in the body which correspond to each main segments of the body, the tantric massage can help to rebalance each individual person whether male or female, to harmonise their male and female energies, these are also known as ying and yang.

Ying is the feminine energy, been receptive, the yang energy is the masculine energy, been more dominant, strong, etc, by rebalancing these energies, we get harmony, and balance within our bodies,  living in the west especially we are all affected by the powerfull energies around us.

My name is Sylvia and have been into Tantric massage and healing therapies for over 2 decades, dedicated to finding other forms of complimentary therapies to discover a deeper meaning of health and sensual creativity, and the life force within.

I do love Tantric energy as it unfolds so much that we can all benefit, its so tranformative, and life is about finding a deeper meaning of our self in union with natural elements, that can easily be acquired, through developing and seeing how the vital force can be used as a creative tool for each one of us.

Here in the west, it is still  been unrivalled, so many people are still finding out about it.  In my work, I have given many Tantric awakenings to individuals, and have been teaching it to many students around the globe.  Welcome to Silky Tantric Massages, for the enlightenment of your whole body,  sensuality and erotica in an artform, delivered by dedicated therapists who are beautifull and talented, we are sensitive to your needs, and invite you to try one of our unique journeys of self discovery!

Welcome to silky Tantric Massage, the life force within you will be awakened to pure Tantric energy, it it releases you from stagnation and habits which are not working for you, we help you find other parts of you to find the highest forms of pleasure, in mind, body and soul.


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