Tantric Massage for Couples

What better way to destress and find peace and tranquility than a sensual massage where you can float nicely in a dream like state, enjoyment of releasing physical tension in our modern lifestyle is a must, as the busy lives we lead seem to be always busy and demanding, and lifes challenges do take a toll on our bodies!

Sometimes men tend to go for a good massage and they certainly know how to enjoy themselves!

But many ladies seem to hardly ever book a massage, they seem bogged down with chores, cooking, cleaning or other domestic things to be done but never make the time to have some destress relaxation, good for the mind, and the body, while your soul recouperates from the deeper layers of worry and stress.

And how much more pleasant and open it is to enjoy a couples massage together ! It can be wonderfull to share, and bring new life zest to existing relationship.

Whats on offer? –

Tantric Massage 1 hour each can be in same room with candles and warm ambience, using warm oil to relax the muscles, while we slowly massage you to give nourishment to your whole body, by improving muscle tone, the skin is stimulated, so is the lymph, it cleanses the blood while it renews every cell.

It is a fun thing to share with your loved one, and can bring you to new awareness, and new realisations, of your self and each other.  you can also be shown how to massage each other for relaxation and sensually be shown how to tantrically sensualise each other.

Other styles of massage are also available….

Nuru massage is done using ultra slippery gel, this means its a special gel which makes body sliding much easier and more slippery! which makes it very sensual and erotic! you can both have a masseuse each to body slide with you, it is very addictive and tantalising to say the least!

This can be a very special time that you can share an intimate enhancing your whole relationship and finding how to be that much more intimate, so you can visit us, or we can visit you, we have different locations for you, your welcome to call me to find out more or any questions you may have.

Call me through my contact page, and you can view the Gallery to choose one of our nice masseuses.

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