Tantric in Paddington

Our sensual massages, are just 5 minutes from the tube, so Tantric in Paddington is very convenient and we have aselection of really nice, qualified masseuses, tantric massage is a wonderfull experience of the ultimate pleasure of a sensual massage but much more, as it goes far more into the sensual and erotica parts of the individual, where you can find absolute bliss and exquisite relaxation and full body pleasures that iclude all the body not just the genitals. For more info on our massages please visit our website, and read it thoroughly, if you have any questions, do give me a call so we can guide, explain more or if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

No words can describe tantric massage, as it is an individual experience but the euphoric feelings and how you can benefit from it are in some of our website and blogs, the experience itself is the best way, as no matter how many words I use, cannot explain the best in sensual massages of the unique kind.

We are not a massage parlour, although we do have a selection of different qualified and beautifull masseuses, who work on various days, in private studios or apartments.

Please respect that we are not open 24/7, and we have a selection of girls who work 10.30.a.m till 9.pm. in paddington or lancaster gate area. after 9.pm theres another set of ladies who work in different areas of London too, some work part time, 1 or 2 maybe 3 times a week. You make an appoinment and it could even be same day, if you cannot plan ahead, you can confirm it and then arrive, please bring cash only e do not use credit cards or cheques, its simply cash, you can take a shower if you wish, and your massage will commence, it can be described as a combination of relaxation and sensual teasing of the whole body, there are amazing peaks of pleasure that come flowing through, you will notice that your penis will also get lots of sesual erotic teasing, your arousal will be elevated and you will be having the most pleasure! you can imagine as this is no ordinary massage!

This is a special tantric touch! with magic hands that will awaken you in an amazing unique way an experience never forgotten!

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