Silky Tantric Massage

How to get a Silky Tantric Massage? tel 07506912002. A full body sensually inviting massage to reach special heights of extra ordinary enhanced pleasures which give liberation and freedom to the senses. What does it mean? Tantra awakes our inner hidden desires to achieve a far reaching part of ourselves which lies hidden.

It actually takes a talented and qualified masseuse who really has the experience to give you the ascension of your higher self to the supreme luxury of what is hidden from many people who think tantric is just another name of a sensual massage, it is in reality but has enormous benefits too. The deeper layers are waiting for you to reach them! has a much deeper connection within yourself to make you the best lover you can be!

Not only that, it is extremely healing, and beneficial for the whole body, the mind and your connection to how to master your own powerful sexual awareness brought into the light!

One of the best ways to do this, is to choose someone who you feel will be qualified in proper tantric experience, because this will make a massive difference to how you connect with her, and the exchange of energies is purely sublime! Please try to avoid an escort, as their mind set is not really connected to the purity of tantra which is one of the highest levels of sensual arousal, as it increases a multitude of many things within you.

It also helps you in your personal relationships, by deepening the connection, increasing intimacy and ascension of Love, sensuality awareness, erotic playfulness, always start with yourself then move on to share with a loved one.

If your not in a relationship we can be your playfull tantric masseuse that elevates your mood, enhances your libido and by having this awareness your confidence is higher, giving you the ace card in relationships, been a masterfull lover is pure enlightening for anyone who wants to erotically stimulated in a wholistic way.

Try to let go of old baggage from the past, open your self to new horizons, been able to actually receive this ancient but valueable eroticĀ  massage raises your vibration and whilst your masseuse is giving you our magic touch formula, dont try to force things but allow the feelings to built up naturally, whilst we take you on the inner journey of Tantric massage right here in the centre of London. call me for a fantastic experience, by qualified and caring therapists. Below is a photo of Claudia on the left, and on the right hand side Layla, both very experienced and talented in the exotic Indian Tantric massage therapy.Layla top masseuse

Claudia top tantric masseuse

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